8 API documentation

8.1 Headers list  

upipe-alsa/upipe_alsa_sink.hUpipe sink module for alsa sound system
upipe-alsa/upipe_alsa_source.hUpipe source module for alsa sound system
upipe-amt/upipe_amt_source.hUpipe source module for automatic multicat tunneling
upipe-av/upipe_av_pixfmt.hupipe/avutil pixelformat conversion
upipe-av/upipe_av_samplefmt.hupipe/avutil sampleformat conversion
upipe-av/upipe_avcodec_decode.hUpipe avcodec decode wrapper module
upipe-av/upipe_avcodec_encode.hUpipe avcodec encode wrapper module
upipe-av/upipe_avformat_sink.hUpipe sink module libavformat wrapper
upipe-av/upipe_avformat_source.hUpipe source module libavformat wrapper
upipe-av/uref_av_flow.hUpipe flow definition attributes for libav
upipe-blackmagic/ubuf_pic_blackmagic.hUpipe ubuf manager for picture formats with blackmagic storage
upipe-blackmagic/ubuf_sound_blackmagic.hUpipe ubuf manager for sound formats with blackmagic storage
upipe-blackmagic/upipe_blackmagic_extract_vanc.hUpipe module to extract Blackmagic vertical ancillary data
upipe-blackmagic/upipe_blackmagic_sink.hUpipe blackmagic sink
upipe-blackmagic/upipe_blackmagic_source.hUpipe source module for BlackMagic Design SDI cards
upipe-dvbcsa/upipe_dvbcsa_split.hUpipe module that notifies for all known ES PIDs.
upipe-dveo/upipe_dveo_asi_sink.hUpipe linear module sending output identical to input
upipe-dveo/upipe_dveo_asi_source.hUpipe linear module sending output identical to input
upipe-filters/upipe_audio_bar.hUpipe module generating audio meters subpictures
upipe-filters/upipe_audio_graph.hUpipe module generating audio graphs pictures
upipe-filters/upipe_audio_max.hUpipe filter computing the maximum amplitude per uref
upipe-filters/upipe_filter_blend.hUpipe blend deinterlace filter
upipe-filters/upipe_filter_decode.hBin pipe decoding a flow
upipe-filters/upipe_filter_ebur128.hUpipe ebur128
upipe-filters/upipe_filter_encode.hBin pipe encoding a flow
upipe-filters/upipe_filter_format.hBin pipe transforming the input to the given format
upipe-filters/upipe_filter_vanc.hUpipe filter processing vertical ancillary data
upipe-filters/upipe_rtcp_fb_receiver.hUpipe module receiving rfc4585 feedback
upipe-filters/upipe_rtp_feedback.hUpipe module sending retransmit requests for lost RTP packets
upipe-framers/upipe_a52_framer.hUpipe module building frames from a ATSC A/52:2012 stream
upipe-framers/upipe_auto_framer.hUpipe framers automatic detection
upipe-framers/upipe_dvbsub_framer.hUpipe module building frames from chunks of a DVB subtitles stream
upipe-framers/upipe_framers_common.hUpipe common utils for framers
upipe-framers/upipe_h264_framer.hUpipe module building frames from chunks of an ISO 14496-10 stream
upipe-framers/upipe_h265_framer.hUpipe module building frames from chunks of an ITU-T H.265 stream
upipe-framers/upipe_h26x_common.hCommon framer functions for H.26x
upipe-framers/upipe_mpga_framer.hUpipe module building frames from an ISO 13818-3 or 7 stream
upipe-framers/upipe_mpgv_framer.hUpipe module building frames from chunks of an ISO 13818-2 stream
upipe-framers/upipe_opus_framer.hUpipe module building frames from an Opus stream
upipe-framers/upipe_s302_framer.hUpipe module building frames from chunks of a SMPTE 302 stream
upipe-framers/upipe_s337_decaps.hUpipe module building frames from chunks of a SMPTE 337 stream
upipe-framers/upipe_telx_framer.hUpipe module building frames from chunks of a DVB teletext stream
upipe-framers/upipe_video_trim.hUpipe module trimming dead frames off a video stream
upipe-framers/uref_h264.hUpipe h264 attributes for uref
upipe-framers/uref_h264_flow.hUpipe h264 flow definition attributes for uref
upipe-framers/uref_h265.hUpipe h265 attributes for uref
upipe-framers/uref_h265_flow.hUpipe h265 flow definition attributes for uref
upipe-framers/uref_h26x.hUpipe h264 & h265 attributes for uref
upipe-framers/uref_h26x_flow.hUpipe h26x flow definition attributes for uref
upipe-framers/uref_mpga_flow.hUpipe mpga flow definition attributes for uref
upipe-framers/uref_mpgv.hUpipe mpgv attributes for uref
upipe-framers/uref_mpgv_flow.hUpipe mpgv flow definition attributes for uref
upipe-gl/upipe_gl_sink_common.hUpipe GL - common definitions
upipe-gl/upipe_glx_sink.hUpipe GLX (OpenGL/X11) sink module.
upipe-gl/uprobe_gl_sink.hUpipe GL sink animation
upipe-gl/uprobe_gl_sink_cube.hUpipe GL sink cube animation
upipe-hbrmt/upipe_pack10bit.hUpipe pack10bit module
upipe-hbrmt/upipe_unpack10bit.hUpipe pack10bit module
upipe-hls/upipe_hls_playlist.hUpipe module to play output of a m3u reader pipe
upipe-modules/upipe_aggregate.hUpipe module to aggregate complete packets up to specified MTU
upipe-modules/upipe_audio_split.hUpipe module splitting packed audio to several planar or packed outputs
upipe-modules/upipe_audiocont.hUpipe module audio continuity
upipe-modules/upipe_blank_source.hUpipe source module generating a black/blank signal
upipe-modules/upipe_blit.hUpipe module blitting subpictures into a main picture
upipe-modules/upipe_block_to_sound.hUpipe block_to_sound module - converts incoming block urefs to outgoing sound urefs
upipe-modules/upipe_buffer.hUpipe buffer module
upipe-modules/upipe_burst.hUpipe burst module
upipe-modules/upipe_chunk_stream.hUpipe chunk module - outputs fixed-length blocks from stream
upipe-modules/upipe_convert_to_block.hUpipe module converting sound and pic ubuf to block
upipe-modules/upipe_crop.hUpipe module cropping incoming pictures
upipe-modules/upipe_dejitter.hUpipe module calling dejtter on timestamps
upipe-modules/upipe_delay.hUpipe module adding a delay to all dates
upipe-modules/upipe_dup.hUpipe module allowing to duplicate to several outputs
upipe-modules/upipe_even.hUpipe module evening the start and end of a stream
upipe-modules/upipe_file_sink.hUpipe sink module for files
upipe-modules/upipe_file_source.hUpipe source module for files
upipe-modules/upipe_genaux.hUpipe module - generates auxiliary blocks from k.systime
upipe-modules/upipe_htons.hUpipe module - htons
upipe-modules/upipe_http_source.hUpipe source module for http GET requests
upipe-modules/upipe_idem.hUpipe linear module sending output identical to input
upipe-modules/upipe_match_attr.hUpipe module dropping urefs not matching certain values for
upipe-modules/upipe_multicat_probe.hUpipe module - multicat probe
upipe-modules/upipe_multicat_sink.hUpipe module - multicat file sink
upipe-modules/upipe_multicat_source.hUpipe module - multicat file source
upipe-modules/upipe_noclock.hUpipe module creating system timestamps for off-line streams
upipe-modules/upipe_nodemux.hUpipe module creating timestamps for single streams
upipe-modules/upipe_ntsc_prepend.hUpipe linear module prepending 5 lines to compressed NTSC video
upipe-modules/upipe_null.hUpipe null module - free incoming urefs
upipe-modules/upipe_play.hUpipe module synchronizing latencies of flows belonging to a program
upipe-modules/upipe_probe_uref.hUpipe module - probe uref
upipe-modules/upipe_queue_sink.hUpipe sink module for queues
upipe-modules/upipe_queue_source.hUpipe source module for queues
upipe-modules/upipe_rtp_decaps.hUpipe module decapsulating RTP header from blocks
upipe-modules/upipe_rtp_demux.hUpipe higher-level module reading several RTP streams
upipe-modules/upipe_rtp_prepend.hUpipe rtp module to prepend rtp header to uref blocks
upipe-modules/upipe_rtp_reorder.hUpipe module to buffer and reorder rtp packets from multiple sources
upipe-modules/upipe_rtp_source.hBin pipe decapsulating RTP packets from a UDP source
upipe-modules/upipe_s337_encaps.hUpipe module adding SMPTE 337 encapsulation
upipe-modules/upipe_setattr.hUpipe module setting arbitrary attributes to urefs
upipe-modules/upipe_setflowdef.hUpipe module setting arbitrary attributes to flow definitions
upipe-modules/upipe_setrap.hUpipe module setting arbitrary attributes to urefs
upipe-modules/upipe_sine_wave_source.hUpipe source module generating a sine wave
upipe-modules/upipe_skip.hUpipe module - skip
upipe-modules/upipe_sync.hUpipe sync module - synchronize streams for muxing
upipe-modules/upipe_time_limit.hUpipe module blocking sources if they are too early
upipe-modules/upipe_transfer.hUpipe module allowing to transfer other pipes to a remote event loop
upipe-modules/upipe_trickplay.hUpipe module facilitating trick play operations
upipe-modules/upipe_udp_sink.hUpipe sink module for udp
upipe-modules/upipe_udp_source.hUpipe source module for udp sockets
upipe-modules/upipe_videocont.hUpipe module video continuity
upipe-modules/upipe_worker.hBin pipe wrapping a queue, a linear subpipeline and a queue
upipe-modules/upipe_worker_linear.hBin pipe wrapping a queue, a linear subpipeline and a queue
upipe-modules/upipe_worker_sink.hBin pipe wrapping a queue and a sink subpipeline
upipe-modules/upipe_worker_source.hBin pipe wrapping a source subpipeline and a queue
upipe-nacl/upipe_nacl_audio.hUpipe NaCl module to play audio samples
upipe-nacl/upipe_nacl_graphics2d.hUpipe NaCl module to play video frames
upipe-netmap/upipe_netmap_source.hUpipe netmap source module
upipe-osx/upipe_osx_audioqueue_sink.hUpipe MacOSX AudioQueue sink module.
upipe-pthread/umutex_pthread.hUpipe umutex implementation using pthread
upipe-pthread/upipe_pthread_transfer.hUpipe module allowing to transfer other pipes to a new POSIX thread
upipe-pthread/uprobe_pthread_assert.hprobe asserting that all events come from the same thread
upipe-pthread/uprobe_pthread_upump_mgr.hprobe catching need_upump_mgr events and providing a upump manager based on thread local storage
upipe-speexdsp/upipe_speexdsp.hUpipe speexdsp resampler module
upipe-swresample/upipe_swr.hUpipe swrcale (ffmpeg) module
upipe-swscale/upipe_sws.hUpipe swscale (ffmpeg) module
upipe-swscale/upipe_sws_thumbs.hUpipe swscale thumbnail gallery module
upipe-ts/upipe_rtp_fec.hUpipe rtp-fec (ffmpeg) module
upipe-ts/upipe_ts.hUpipe declarations common to TS demux and mux
upipe-ts/upipe_ts_align.hUpipe module outputting one aligned TS packet per uref
upipe-ts/upipe_ts_check.hUpipe module checking that a buffer contains a given number of aligned TS packets
upipe-ts/upipe_ts_decaps.hUpipe module decapsulating (removing TS header) TS packets
upipe-ts/upipe_ts_demux.hUpipe higher-level module demuxing elementary streams of a TS
upipe-ts/upipe_ts_eit_decoder.hUpipe module decoding the event information table of DVB streams
upipe-ts/upipe_ts_encaps.hUpipe module encapsulating (adding TS header) PES and PSI access units
upipe-ts/upipe_ts_mux.hUpipe higher-level module muxing elementary streams in a TS
upipe-ts/upipe_ts_nit_decoder.hUpipe module decoding the network information table of DVB streams
upipe-ts/upipe_ts_pat_decoder.hUpipe module decoding the program association table of TS streams
upipe-ts/upipe_ts_pcr_interpolator.hUpipe module reading PCR
upipe-ts/upipe_ts_pes_decaps.hUpipe module decapsulating (removing) PES header of TS packets
upipe-ts/upipe_ts_pes_encaps.hUpipe module encapsulating access units into PES packets
upipe-ts/upipe_ts_pid_filter.hUpipe module filtering on PIDs of a transport stream
upipe-ts/upipe_ts_pmt_decoder.hUpipe module decoding the program map table of TS streams
upipe-ts/upipe_ts_psi_generator.hUpipe module generating PSI tables
upipe-ts/upipe_ts_psi_join.hUpipe module joining tables of the PSI of a transport stream
upipe-ts/upipe_ts_psi_merge.hUpipe module merging PSI sections from TS input
upipe-ts/upipe_ts_psi_split.hUpipe module splitting tables of the PSI of a transport stream
upipe-ts/upipe_ts_scte104_decoder.hUpipe module decoding the operation tables of SCTE 104 streams
upipe-ts/upipe_ts_scte35_decoder.hUpipe module decoding the splice information table of SCTE-35 streams
upipe-ts/upipe_ts_scte35_generator.hUpipe module generating SCTE-35 Splice Information Table
upipe-ts/upipe_ts_scte35_probe.hUpipe module handling the splice information table of SCTE streams
upipe-ts/upipe_ts_sdt_decoder.hUpipe module decoding the service description table of DVB streams
upipe-ts/upipe_ts_si_generator.hUpipe module generating DVB SI tables
upipe-ts/upipe_ts_split.hUpipe module splitting PIDs of a transport stream
upipe-ts/upipe_ts_sync.hUpipe module syncing on a transport stream
upipe-ts/upipe_ts_tdt_decoder.hUpipe module decoding the time and date table of DVB streams
upipe-ts/upipe_ts_tstd.hUpipe module tstding that a buffer contains a given number of
upipe-ts/uref_ts_attr.hUpipe attributes macros for TS
upipe-ts/uref_ts_event.hUpipe event attributes for TS
upipe-ts/uref_ts_flow.hUpipe flow definition attributes for TS
upipe-ts/uref_ts_scte104_flow.hUpipe flow definition attributes for TS SCTE 104
upipe-ts/uref_ts_scte35.hUpipe uref attributes for TS SCTE 35
upipe-v210/upipe_v210dec.hUpipe v210dec module
upipe-v210/upipe_v210enc.hUpipe v210enc module
upipe-x264/upipe_x264.hUpipe x264 module
upipe-x265/upipe_x265.hUpipe x265 module
upipe-zvbi/upipe_zvbienc.hUpipe zvbi encoding module
upipe/uatomic.hUpipe thread-safe atomic operations
upipe/ubase.hUpipe common definitions
upipe/ubits.hUpipe bit-oriented writer
upipe/ubuf.hUpipe buffer handling
upipe/ubuf_block.hUpipe buffer handling for block managers
upipe/ubuf_block_common.hUpipe useful common definitions for block managers
upipe/ubuf_block_mem.hUpipe ubuf manager for block formats with umem storage
upipe/ubuf_block_stream.hUpipe streams of block buffers
upipe/ubuf_mem.hUpipe functions to allocate ubuf managers using umem storage
upipe/ubuf_mem_common.hUpipe common functions for ubuf managers with umem storage
upipe/ubuf_pic.hUpipe buffer handling for picture managers
upipe/ubuf_pic_common.hUpipe useful common definitions for picture managers
upipe/ubuf_pic_mem.hUpipe ubuf manager for picture formats with umem storage
upipe/ubuf_sound.hUpipe buffer handling for sound managers
upipe/ubuf_sound_common.hUpipe useful common definitions for sound managers
upipe/ubuf_sound_mem.hUpipe ubuf manager for sound formats with umem storage
upipe/uclock.hstructure provided by the application to retrieve system time
upipe/uclock_std.hUpipe standard implementation of uclock
upipe/ucookie.hUpipe functions to parse HTTP cookies
upipe/udeal.hUpipe exclusive access to non-reentrant resource
upipe/udict.hUpipe dictionary of attributes
upipe/udict_dump.hUpipe dictionary dumping for debug purposes
upipe/udict_inline.hUpipe inline manager of dictionary of attributes
upipe/ueventfd.hUpipe replacement for eventfd calls
upipe/ufifo.hUpipe thread-safe first-in first-out data structure
upipe/ulifo.hUpipe thread-safe last-in first-out data structure
upipe/ulist.hUpipe implementation of lists of structures (NOT thread-safe)
upipe/ulog.hUpipe logging structure
upipe/umem.hUpipe generic memory allocators
upipe/umem_alloc.hUpipe trivial memory allocator
upipe/umem_pool.hUpipe pool-based memory allocator
upipe/umutex.hUpipe exclusive access to non-reentrant resource
upipe/upipe.hUpipe module-level interface, typically implemented by a module
upipe/upipe_dump.hUpipe pipeline dumping for debug purposes
upipe/upipe_helper_bin_input.hUpipe helper functions for bin input
upipe/upipe_helper_bin_output.hUpipe helper functions for bin output
upipe/upipe_helper_dvb_string.hUpipe helper functions writing DVB strings using iconv
upipe/upipe_helper_flow.hUpipe helper functions for pipes taking an output flow in upipe_alloc
upipe/upipe_helper_flow_def.hUpipe helper functions for input and output flow definitions
upipe/upipe_helper_flow_def_check.hUpipe helper functions to check input flow definition
upipe/upipe_helper_flow_format.hUpipe helper functions for flow format
upipe/upipe_helper_iconv.hUpipe helper functions handling iconv (required by biTStream)
upipe/upipe_helper_inner.hUpipe helper functions for inner pipes
upipe/upipe_helper_input.hUpipe helper functions for input
upipe/upipe_helper_output.hUpipe helper functions for output
upipe/upipe_helper_output_size.hUpipe helper functions for output size
upipe/upipe_helper_subpipe.hUpipe helper functions for upipe subpipes
upipe/upipe_helper_sync.hUpipe helper functions for sync_lost/sync_acquired probe events
upipe/upipe_helper_ubuf_mgr.hUpipe helper functions for ubuf manager
upipe/upipe_helper_uclock.hUpipe helper functions for uclock
upipe/upipe_helper_upipe.hUpipe helper functions for public upipe structure
upipe/upipe_helper_uprobe.hUpipe helper functions for inner pipe probes
upipe/upipe_helper_upump.hUpipe helper functions for pumps
upipe/upipe_helper_upump_mgr.hUpipe helper functions for upump manager
upipe/upipe_helper_uref_mgr.hUpipe helper functions for uref manager
upipe/upipe_helper_uref_stream.hUpipe helper functions to work on input as an uref stream
upipe/upipe_helper_urefcount.hUpipe helper functions for refcount structures
upipe/upipe_helper_void.hUpipe helper functions for void pipes
upipe/upool.hUpipe pool of buffers, based on @ref ulifo
upipe/uprobe.hUpipe structure used to raise events from pipes
upipe/uprobe_dejitter.hprobe catching clock_ref and clock_ts events for dejittering
upipe/uprobe_helper_alloc.huprobe helper functions to allocate probes
upipe/uprobe_helper_uprobe.hUpipe helper functions for public uprobe structure
upipe/uprobe_helper_urefcount.huprobe helper functions to refcount user defined probes
upipe/uprobe_prefix.hprobe prefixing all print events with a given name
upipe/uprobe_select_flows.hprobe catching need_update events and creating subpipes
upipe/uprobe_source_mgr.hprobe providing source pipe manager by catching need source pipe
upipe/uprobe_stdio.hprobe outputting all log events to stdio
upipe/uprobe_syslog.hprobe outputting all log events to syslog
upipe/uprobe_transfer.hprobe transferring events from one thread to another
upipe/uprobe_ubuf_mem.hprobe catching provide_request events asking for a ubuf manager
upipe/uprobe_ubuf_mem_pool.hprobe catching provide_request events asking for a ubuf manager, and keeping the managers in a pool
upipe/uprobe_uclock.hprobe catching provide_request events asking for a uclock
upipe/uprobe_upump_mgr.hprobe catching need_upump_mgr events and providing a given upump manager
upipe/uprobe_uref_mgr.hprobe catching provide_request events asking for a uref manager
upipe/upump.hUpipe event loop handling
upipe/upump_blocker.hcommon declarations for event loop handlers
upipe/upump_common.hcommon declarations for event loop handlers
upipe/uqueue.hUpipe thread-safe queue of elements
upipe/uref.hUpipe uref structure handling
upipe/uref_attr.hUpipe uref attributes handling
upipe/uref_block.hUpipe wrapper for block ubuf and uref
upipe/uref_block_flow.hUpipe block flow definition attributes for uref
upipe/uref_clock.hUpipe clock attributes for uref
upipe/uref_dump.hUpipe uref dumping for debug purposes
upipe/uref_event.hUpipe event attributes for uref and control messages
upipe/uref_flow.hUpipe flow attributes for uref and control messages
upipe/uref_pic.hUpipe wrapper for picture ubuf and uref
upipe/uref_pic_flow.hUpipe picture flow definition attributes for uref
upipe/uref_program_flow.hUpipe program flow definition attributes for uref
upipe/uref_sound.hUpipe wrapper for sound ubuf and uref
upipe/uref_sound_flow.hUpipe sound flow definition attributes for uref
upipe/uref_std.hUpipe standard uref manager
upipe/urefcount.hUpipe thread-safe reference counting
upipe/urequest.hUpipe structure used to provide an upstream pipe with a structure
upipe/uring.hUpipe ring of buffers
upipe/ustring.hUpipe sub string manipulation
upipe/uuri.hUpipe functions to parse or generate URIs according to RFC3986

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