Upipe preview release 4

The Upipe team is proud to announce Upipe 0.4 (preview release 4). A lot of under-the-hood work has gone into this release, and in particular:

  • A new urequest structure allows inter-pipe negotiation of managers and formats
  • A new TS mux with more compliance
  • A simplification of pipeline construction with a rework of the output helper

We expect this to be the last preview release before formal releases.

Upipe 0.4 can be downloaded from the download page.

AMT PoC now available online

In partnership with the EBU, Cisco and OpenHeadend, the Upipe team has created a web browser plug-in allowing to receive multicast streams in a unicast-only network, using Automatic Multicast Tunneling. The plug-in is now available online, and by default connects to a Cisco router hosted at the EBU, with a number of multicast streams provided by OpenHeadend playout.

Note that the plug-in only works on Native Client-enabled browsers (eg. Google Chrome).

Upipe preview release 3

The Upipe team is proud to announce Upipe 0.3 (preview release 3). This is mostly a bugfix release over preview release 2, with a few modifications:

  • Functions take and return integers instead of enums, for C++ compatibility
  • New “worker” pipes to easily deport pipelines to worker threads
  • New higher level pipes (“bins”) ffmt and fdec to automatize format changes
  • Support for Blackmagic Decklink input cards
  • Preliminary support for Google Native Client plug-in

Upipe 0.3 can be downloaded from the download page.

AMT Poc presented at EBU Multicast 2014

Christophe Massiot presented a proof of concept at EBU Multicast 2014, using Upipe in an NaCl web plug-in and an AMT (Automatic Multicast Tunneling) source. Code to build web plugins for Google’s Native Client technology has been merged into git in September.

The slides presented at EBU can be downloaded here.