GSOC ideas

We would like to propose the following ideas for the forthcoming Google Summer of Code ’15:

1. Write bindings for script languages, in a manner that allows automatic regeneration in case of API change. This would be a terrific improvement and would allow to write video-processing applications in a high-level language such as node.js, lua or python. The bindings would be C code, and the applicant should be familiar with at least one of the targeted script language. There are open source tools which may be useful for this task.

2. Port Upipe to Windows operating systems. The provisions in Upipe API are already in place, but problems need to be solved: create an equivalent of the “eventfd” used for thread messaging, have an event loop handler (libev equivalent, such as libuv), and resolve other C99-related compilation issues. The applicant should be familiar with the building of applications for the Windows operating systems.

3. Implement support for accelerated decoding for platforms such as Raspberry Pi (OpenMAX). This would allow running lightweight video applications without requiring a large framework such as gstreamer.

4. Write an application that would create a C boilerplate of a pipeline, based on a flowchart description.

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